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Mission Statement



Our Mission……..

To provide high quality services and products to JCM customers in the fields of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Automatic Temperature Controls, Mechanical Maintenance, and Facilities Management.

Our Vision……….

To be the best full service organization in the state, dedicated to making ownership and management enjoyable, convenient, worry-free, and safe.

Our Strategic Goals……

  • Render all services with a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

  • Select, train and empower high quality people in a working environment which stimulates and rewards high levels of productivity and performance, while ensuring continuity of effective leadership.

  • Identify and us effective systems, procedures an emerging technologies to deliver services and support daily operations.

  • Manage JCM to achieve financial operating stability for the enhancement of its staff, owners, and the surrounding community.

Our Philosophies………

  • Treat all people with dignity, respect and fairness

  • Conduct all of our business activities with the highest moral and ethical standards

  • Provide employment and career opportunities

  • Provide for our employees an environment, which promotes intellectual, professional and financial growth, and the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of teamwork and the pursuit of excellence.

  • Encourage our employees to take an active role in civic, community and humanitarian matters.

  • To identify the purpose and goal of each employee to see how it can be further enhanced in keeping with the company’s philosophy.

Our Slogan……..

JCM with pride

Our Foundation…….

Jesus Christ & Me

If your challenge is too big your God is too small